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African American Watercolors

Preview three works, then discover their significance

At Colonial Williamsburg, we uncover stories through archaeology, journals, architectural clues, and of course, through art. Join us on Nov. 8 at the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg for a fascinating opportunity to explore three unique historic watercolors featuring African Americans with paper conservator Pamela Young.

Here are the three pieces you can learn all about:

1.“The Old Plantation” is one of the earliest pieces in the folk art collection and one of the earliest depictions of enslaved African Americans involved in a leisure activity on their own time.
2.“Miss Breme Jones” is attributed to the same artist, and has a fascinating provenance and conservation treatment story Young will be sharing.
3.“Enslaved Girl” is a poignant image of a young slave girl later freed by her owner. It was painted by Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee who held a lifelong concern for the education of slaves.

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