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Parking & Buses

Where to park

Ticketed guests are encouraged to park at the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center and take advantage of the complimentary bus service to the Historic Area. Free parking is available at the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg, indicated in green on the map above. Paid parking lots, indicated in peach on the map above, require use of the free Passport app but also offer free 30-minute parking in most cases (a Passport app $0.35 convenience fee may apply).

How to Use Passport Parking

Many of our paid parking lots, marked in peach on the map above, utilize the "Passport Parking" phone App for payment. Please see below for instructions for downloading and using the app.

  1. In the app store for your phone, search for and download the “Passport Parking” app.
  2. Once open, enter in your phone number, then select “Verify.”
  3. A six digit code will be sent to the phone number entered. Enter the code, the select “Next.”
  4. Enter a four digit PIN that is easy to remember to protect your information and account, the select “Create.”
  5. Enter the PIN again for confirmation, then select “Confirm.”
  6. Select “Accept” for the Terms & Conditions to continue.
  7. Enter the Zone Number for associated parking lot, then select “New Session.”
  8. Choose “Select Zone” at the bottom of the screen to confirm the correct Zone Number.
  9. Select “New +” at the bottom left hand corner.
  10. Enter in your license plate information, assign a nickname (such as type of car), then select “Save Vehicle.”
  11. Select the “Vehicle” in the lower left hand corner.
  12. Select the time you want, then select “Continue.”
  13. Make sure the vehicle information is correct, then select “Setup Payment.”
  14. Enter in credit card information, then select “Save Card.”

Complimentary Bus Service

Guests of Colonial Williamsburg can take advantage of complimentary bus service from the Visitor Center to stops throughout the Historic Area. Stops include the Governor’s Palace, the Capitol, the Taverns, Market House, Williamsburg Lodge, the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg, and Merchants Square. Bus stops are marked on the map above with a red star.

Williamsburg Area Transit Authority is responsible for bus operations throughout Colonial Williamsburg's historic campus, including transportation to and from the Williamsburg Regional Visitor Center. The Authority does not operate buses on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day on any of its routes; visitors should make alternate transportation arrangements to move around the Historic Area on those days. A list of parking lots situated around the Historic Area is available at the top of this page. Additionally, a walking path from the Historic Area to the Visitor Center is accessible on North England Street just east of the Governor's Palace. Questions or comments about WATA's operating schedule can be sent to [email protected], or submitted through the transit authority’s customer service number at (757) 220-5493.