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Soup Tureen in the Shape of a Turtle

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What is this made of?

Fused silverplate

When was this made?

Ca. 1815

Where was this made?

Sheffield, England

This soup tureen was named “Sir Reginald” by the person that donated the piece to the Museums.

Think about It

This turtle shaped tureen held soup. Do you eat soup out of a turtle? What kind of dishes do you use?

See it in person

You can see “Sir Reginald” in the Revolution in Taste exhibition.

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The turtle is made of fused silverplate, a material made from fusing a thin sheet of silver to a sheet of copper. It was invented in the mid 18the century and pieces made from fused silverplate were cheaper than those made of silver. Our silversmiths work with silver not fused silverplate. See how silver items are made in the Silversmith's shop in the Historic Area.

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“Sir Reginald”

Sir Reginald Cleans up Nicely