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Bridgerton Meets Colonial Williamsburg

Dearest Reader,

Do you find yourself longing for the era of Regency romances or for an authentic 18th-century life experience? Are you interested in mingling with the upper echelon of society, also known as the Ton?

From the people to the scenes, our historic grounds bear striking similarities to those featured in the original Netflix series Bridgerton. While we cannot guarantee you will be as lucky as the Bridgertons in securing a love match this season, we are sure you will enjoy the beauty and splendor of our living history museum. Are you ready to find Bridgerton in Colonial Williamsburg?


Refresh Your Wardrobe

You do not want to be the subject of a scandal by donning the same attire twice. Visit the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg’s latest exhibition for wardrobe refresh inspiration. “Elegance, Taste, and Style: The Mary D. Doering Fashion Collection” features one of the greatest private collections of 18th-and early 19th-century clothing, textiles, and accessories.

After you view the latest exhibition, you may find yourself longing for a trip to the most sought-after modiste, Madame Delacroix. After all, nothing says this season’s “sparkler” like new attire. Visit Tarpley, Thompson, & Company, one of the finest fashion houses in the area, to acquire your new ready-made attire. From captivating coats to stunning short gowns, you will surely find something worthy of the queen’s favor.


Promenade at the Palace

Promenade serves as a way to show off your family or suitor to the rest of society in Bridgerton. It also helps when attempting to show a united front amidst a scandal, as the Bridgertons and Sharmas showed.

Promenade at the Palace Green to display your style, grace, and elegance to the Ton (and raise your step count in the process). As you promenade in Colonial Williamsburg, be sure to take in the splendor of the Governor’s Palace and surrounding homes.


Peruse Printed Newsletters

Every fan knows that there is no Bridgerton without Lady Whistledown. Her printed newsletters ensured there were no secrets unpublished among the Ton.

Before Lady Whistledown, there was the Virginia Gazette. The first newspapers published in Virginia, the Virginia Gazettes offer one of the richest windows into the stories Colonial Williamsburg tells.


Explore the Arboretum & Gardens

The Colonial Williamsburg Arboretum & Gardens provide Bridgerton fans with the perfect venues to take a turn with friends, family, and loved ones.

Bridgerton fans know English gardens are best viewed in pleasant company. There is no need to make haste as you stroll through the collection of more than 30 historic gardens dotting our 301-acre living history museum.

Explore our Custis Square Archaeology Project and dive deeper into the history and opulence of the large, geometric ornamental gardens popular amongst members of high society.


Indulge in a Tavern Meal

Do you find yourself wishing you could join a Bridgerton family dinner? While we cannot insert you into the Bridgerton household, we can transport you to a similar time as you enjoy a meal with your family at one of our historic taverns.

Whether you take your family to the fine dining establishments of Christiana Campbell’s Tavern or King’s Arms Tavern, you will delight in the finest fare of the 18th century while musing over the day’s latest and greatest activities.


Learn from Tradespeople

Members of the Ton enjoy luxury items, delightful music, and beautiful workmanship. Witness how period hand tools were used by expert craftspeople to make fashionable furniture, luxury products, and Harpsichords.

If you fancy the musical arts, visit the “Making Music in Early America” exhibition at the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg to immerse yourself in the musical world of the 18th century.


Experience the Luxury of a Ball

Some of Bridgerton’s most infamous moments occurred on the dance floor. From Simon and Daphne’s first meeting to Colin’s interruption of Penelope’s dance with Lord Debling, the lavish balls held and attended by members of high society were sure to provide entertainment.

Attend this season’s most coveted events and get a taste of the opulent balls to which members of the Ton coveted invitations as you enjoy an elegant evening of 17th-and 18th-century music at a Palace Concert and Dancing at the Governor’s Palace.

Interested in stepping outside the extravagance of the Ton? Don your cloaks and enjoy a special evening of chamber music at a Capitol Concert.


Rest in Historic Homes

Reluctant to let go of the fun and fantasy of the Regency era? Eager to experience the feeling of being a member of one of the Ton’s most respected households? Rest in a Colonial House, steps from the Historic Area, and place yourself in the heart of the 18th century.

Outfitted with modern amenities, crackling fireplaces, and the coziest canopy beds, historic lodging will not only make you feel like you are in Bridgerton but like you are truly a member of the Regency-era high society.

Colonial Williamsburg is the largest living history museum in the world. Witness history brought to life on the charming streets of the colonial capital and explore our newly expanded and updated Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg, featuring the nation’s premier folk art collection, plus the best in British and American fine and decorative arts from 1670–1840. Check out sales and special offers and our Official Colonial Williamsburg Hotels to plan your visit.