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Live Out Your Bridgerton Daydreams in CW

Dearest Reader,

Are you wishing you could fall back in time to the era of Regency romances or thinking about how you can experience and enjoy life in the 18th century? Are you looking to mingle with the upper echelon of society, also known as the “Ton”? Colonial Williamsburg’s got you covered.

We couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the original Netflix series and our historic grounds, and how perfectly the scenes and people of Bridgerton could be found in Colonial Williamsburg.


Get Fitted at the Modiste

Bridgerton may have had Madame Delacroix, milliner and dressmaker to the upper echelon, but here at CW, we have Tarpley, Thompson, and Company! Don your finest ready-made coats, waistcoats, breeches, petticoats, short gowns, cloaks, caps, and more at one of the finest fashion houses in the area. Nothing says high society and the “Diamond of the Season” like a new dress.


Take a Turn around the Promenade

Taking a turn around the promenade played an important part in the show, as “promenading” was meant to be a very public display of showing off your family, or your suitor, to the rest of society. Colonial Williamsburg hosts its own promenade, or as we like to call it, the Palace Green, which will ensure you show the rest of the Ton your style, grace, and elegance (and it doesn’t hurt to get a nice walk in as well). While promenading around the area, be sure to take in the splendor and beauty of the Governor’s Palace and the surrounding homes down the street.

If you would really like to make a splash this season, you could also opt for a carriage ride, where you will be sure to be the talk of the town.


See the Printing Office

Every fan knows that without Lady Whistledown’s printed newsletter, there’d be no Bridgerton itself. Throughout the show, Lady Whistledown’s identity remains anonymous to those around her, but we promise, there’s no scandal sheets circulating through Colonial Williamsburg. Instead, take a visit to our Printing Office, where you can watch and learn as printers set type and use reproduction printing presses to manufacture colonial newspapers, pamphlets, books and more.


Explore the Intimate Gardens

English gardens are best viewed in pleasant company, so be sure to bring your friends, family, and loved ones with you the next time you do. Bridgerton fans could spend hours strolling in the gardens behind our historic homes and the Governor’s Palace and this spring is the perfect time to do it. From blooming cherry trees to colorful tulips, you can easily imagine yourself taking a turn through the gardens and arboretums of CW.


Take in a Tavern Meal

While the show’s meals often revolve around family dinners in the Bridgerton household, there’s no stopping you from taking in your own family meal at one of the historic taverns. Whether you take your family to the fine dining establishments of Chowning’s Tavern or King's Arms Tavern, you’ll delight in the finest fare of the 18th century while musing over the day’s latest and greatest activities.


Enjoy a Concert

Some of the best moments that happen in Bridgerton occur on the dance floor, from Simon and Daphne’s first meeting to Kate and Anthony’s first dance, members of the Ton were expected to receive invitations and attend lavish balls given by other members of high society. Get a taste of 18th-century dance halls by attending our Concerts at the Palace that offer an elegant evening of 17th- and 18th-century chamber music. In additionto these evening programs, visit Making Music in Early America at the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg. This exhibition immerses visitors in the musical world of the 18th century.

to these evening performances, on Friday’s, we’ll also be offering Music in the Galleries so you can enjoy period music while strolling through the exhibitions.


Stay in Historic Homes

Don’t want the fun and fantasy of the Regency era to stop? Spend the night in one of our Colonial Houses, just steps from the Historic Area, and placing you in the heart of the 18th century. Outfitted with modern amenities, the historic homes will make you feel like you’re in Bridgerton yourself, with cozy canopy beds, and crackling fireplaces.

Colonial Williamsburg is the largest living history museum in the world. Witness history brought to life on the charming streets of the colonial capital and explore our newly expanded and updated Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg, featuring the nation’s premier folk art collection, plus the best in British and American fine and decorative arts from 1670–1840. Check out sales and special offers and our Official Colonial Williamsburg Hotels to plan your visit.