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Holiday Recipe List

The main eating events of the year are rapidly approaching. If you are anything like us, you’ve already started planning your holiday menus. Want to add some 18th-century flavor? We have curated a list of possible dishes to give your guests something to discuss on the way home. These modern interpretations of 18th-century recipes will take you on a historical adventure.


Let the feasting begin! Start your meal with a tasty treat.

Potato Balls

Oysters on Skewers

Farced Mushrooms


The turkey may be the star, but these dishes are an excellent addition to satisfy every tastebud.

Beef Steaks

Broiled Sturgeon

Dressed Duck

Onion Pie

Scallops Broiled in their Shells

Fried Chicken


These recipes are a great alternative to your family’s traditional sides.

Ragoo French Beans

Peas the Portuguese Way

Roots a la Crème

Beets Dressed with Garlic

Forced Cabbage

Carrot Puffs


This year, impress your friends and family with homemade bread.

French Bread

Sweet Potato Buns


Did you save room for something sweet? These desserts are classic with a historical twist.

Apple Pie

Cranberry Tarts

Tourte De Chocolate

Rich Cake

Nun’s Cake

Lemon Cheesecakes


What’s old is new again! Substitute in your leftover turkey to create an entirely new dish!

Chicken Surprise


Chicken Pudding

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