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Ongoing Initiatives

Ongoing research projects and outreach initiatives allow us to continuously improve our understanding of our history and share it with guests and digital audiences in pursuit of our mission, that the future may learn from the past.

Research & Education

Williamsburg Bray School Initiative

Archaeology Projects

Custis Square Archaeology Project

Our archaeologists are in the middle of a 5-year exploration of Custis Square, the 4-acre pasture across from the Art Museums where the 18th-century home and gardens of John Custis IV once stood. Learn more.

First Baptist Church Archaeology Project

Colonial Williamsburg archaeologists are also excavating the site of First Baptist Church, one of America’s oldest churches founded entirely by Blacks, under the guidance of the congregation. Learn more.

Ongoing Archaeology Projects

Our archaeologists are working to ensure that archaeological resources are identified and preserved. This year, we’ll be conducting several small-scale excavations. Learn More .


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