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The Beehive

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Color Peaceable Kingdom

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Decorate an Easter Rabbit

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Color American Folk Pottery Postcard

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Craft a Felt Flower Broach

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Create Your Own Quilt

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Colonial Trades Word Search

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The 13 Colonies Activity

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Colonial Trades and Jobs Crossword Puzzle

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Coloring Books

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Colonial Days Coloring Book

Shear sheep, milk a cow, pull water up from the well, keep the hoop rolling. Young children won’t be able to resist these and other charming drawings of children and animals enjoying everyday life in colonial Williamsburg.

An Alphabet Coloring Book

The illustrations in this book were taken from "The Comical Hotch-Potch or the Alphabet turn'd Posture-Master," a hand-colored print published in London in 1782. The print features a character named Hotch-Potch contorting himself into the shape of each letter (except for J and U, since in the eighteenth century most people used I and V instead).

The Art of Quilting: A Coloring and Pattern Book

Coloring and quilting both tap into creativity defined by lines, borders and structure. The patterns in this book—all of which come from quilts in Colonial Williamsburg’s extraordinary collection—can be used not only for coloring but also as an inspiration for quilters and other fiber artists.