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What is This?

Landscape Painting

Who made this?

Karol Kozlowski

What is this made of?

Oil paint on canvas

When was this made?


Where was this made?

Brooklyn, NY

Karol Kozlowski loved exotic birds and always had from six to ten birds at any given time. How many different types of birds can you find in the painting?

Think about It

It generally too Kozlowski up to one year to sketch and paint one painting! He was inspired by familiar places like New York city parks, his work place and even Coney Island. He also used postcards and printed pictures for inspiration and most importantly his imagination.

Make it at Home

Print the Paper Village sheet to color and cut your own Kozlowski paper Village

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See it in person

You can see “Summertime” in the Down on the Farm exhibition.

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Close your eyes and picture your favorite summer memory, then draw a picture of it. Once your artwork is complete, compare your work to family photos of the same event. Ask your parent to share your artwork on Instagram with the hashtag #CWKids