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The Peaceable Kingdom

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Who Made This?

Edward Hicks

What is this made of?

Oil on canvas

When was this made?


Where was this made?

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Edward Hicks painted over 60 versions of this painting!

Think about It

Did you know that the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg have paintings titled “The Peaceable Kingdom” by Edward Hicks as well as “The Peaceable Kingdom”by Malcah Zeldis? How are these two paintings different? What would your peaceable kingdom look like?

Make it at Home

Make art trading cards inspired by “The Peaceable Kingdom.”

See it in person

You can see “The Peaceable Kingdom” by Edward Hicks in The Art of Edward Hicks exhibition. Malcah Zeldis’ “The Peaceable Kingdom” can be seen in America’s Folk Art.

Learn More

Meet the Animals

Hover over the cards below to see the real-life versions of animals pictured in “The Peaceable Kingdom.” See them in person next time you visit Colonial Williamsburg

Fill in the Blanks

Print a “The Peaceable Kingdom” Color Sheet and color your own Peaceable Kingdom. Ask your parent to share your work on Instagram with #CWKids.

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