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Historic Sites

The Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg recreates the atmosphere and lifestyle of Virginia’s colonial capital city. The Historic Area includes 89 original 18th-century buildings, as well as hundreds more buildings reconstructed based on historical records and archaeological research.  Explore our community, interact with historic interpreters, and learn more about the daily lives of the diverse men and women who lived in Williamsburg before and during the American Revolution.

Government Sites

Explore sites where the founding principles of our government are established.

Family Homes

Visit the homes of the diverse community of 18th-century Williamsburg.

Community Sites

Throughout the city, explore places where members of the founding generation gather to participate in day-to-day life.

New Discoveries

Experts across the Foundation continue researching our past to better inform our future. Archaeologists, preservationists, researchers, and historians work to expand our knowledge of 18th-century life and, in doing so, have discovered new sites for you to explore soon.

Williamsburg Bray School

First Baptist Church

Custis Square

More to Explore