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Film: Williamsburg – The Story of a Patriot


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Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot tells the story of how Virginians political leaders in the House of Burgesses—including Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George Washington— debated and resolved to move from forceful protest to a resolution for independence in May of 1776, risking everything to transform Virginia from a colony of Great Britain to a Commonwealth within the United States. 


This story depicts Virginia's crucial role in American Independence through the perspective of John Fry, a fictional Virginia planter portrayed by Jack Lord, elected to the House of Burgesses.


This groundbreaking film used cutting edge technology utilizing Paramount Studio's VistaVision cameras and Todd-AO six-channel sound to orient guests to the locations and key historical moments they would experience during a visit to Colonial Williamsburg.

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Film: Williamsburg – The Story of a Patriot

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