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Giving Tuesday Now is May 5th

An important day to celebrate the human spirit

Giving Tuesday Now was created as an emergency global response to the unique situation caused by the spread of COVID-19. This movement is dedicated to philanthropy and generosity, even in a period of significant uncertainty, given the serious challenges that so many nonprofit organizations are facing.

Colonial Williamsburg is taking part in Giving Tuesday Now because we need your support, now more than ever.

This, truly, is a defining moment in America’s story. Now is the time when solidarity and community will play a crucial role in determining our nation’s future, as it has so many times in our past. Coming together in the face of adversity has made us stronger, and we will be more resilient once these unprecedented circumstances resolve.

We are all trying to manage the financial strain this pandemic produced. But know that even small gifts make a big difference. Your continued commitment to Colonial Williamsburg means more than we can express. Please consult your financial advisers about the potential benefit of the recently passed CARES Act, which provides new tax incentives for charitable gifts this year.

Together, we will ensure that future generations will learn from our remarkable story—one that we are all still writing today.

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