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Performance: Revolutionary Acts


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This series of museum theater programs relate to the experience and meaning of the Revolution for the 18th-century Williamsburg community. This season, programs include The Art of Politics and Dining, with Mrs. Washington discussing the art of dining and how influential a woman could be in a man’s world; The Measure of a Man’s Worth, with Major James Innes and Benjamin, an enslaved carriage driver, who gradually learns what the Revolution has in store for enslaved men and women in Williamsburg; A Patriotic American, where Elizabeth Braxton, wife of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, reflects on the changes, challenges, and consequences faced by her family during the Revolution, or A Soldier’s Journey, where you’ll meet John Jarret Carter, a solider in Washington’s army and a barkeep in Williamsburg on the brink of invasion.

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Performance: Revolutionary Acts

Hennage Auditorium

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